We encounter more and more often the concept of wellbeing and its importance for our life and functioning in society. Its systemic support in education is also one of the priorities of the Strategy for Education Policy of the Czech Republic until 2030+. But what does this term mean?

Wellbeing is a state in which we can fully develop our physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual potential in a supportive and stimulating environment and live a full and contented life together with others. Charles University organizes several activities in relation to its employees to fulfil this goal. These activities area geared to maintaining physical health and a healthy lifestyle, establishing and strengthening quality interpersonal relationships and cooperation, promoting resilience to manage adverse situations, and other development activities.

The following activities are currently offered to employees:

• YOGA – Yoga is an undeniably beneficial and in many ways fulfilling activity. During the year, a total of 7 courses are organized with 20 participants in each course, which take place in the premises of the modern Campus Hybernská. The courses are led by a professional lecturer from the 1st Faculty of Medicine.

• HEALTH DAYS – Preventive medical examinations and counselling are offered to employees twice a year, provided by Multisport and experts from our medical faculties. These are mainly about checking moles, determining the composition of the body, checking the feet, and for the upcoming period, we are preparing new activities.

• THEMATIC TRIPS – Twice a year, we organize one-day trips that promote quality relationships between colleagues, in particular, during the pre-Christmas advent period, to one of the cities in neighbouring countries, and in winter, a trip to the mountains for skiers and non-skiers. Of course, the trips are also intended for family members of our employees.

° CENTRUM CAROLINA offers a wide range of counseling services to all CU students and employees free of charge. The services are provided both in person and remotely according to the possibilities of clients and individual counselors.

We welcome any comments or ideas relating to this area!

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