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We'll give you advice on how to study even if you've had complications in your life.

At the Carolina Center, we provide support to students who face a variety of problems while studying. We are particularly dedicated to supporting people with health or economic disadvantages. However, our services are open to anyone who gets into a situation during their studies that they do not know how to cope with.

We can help you find the right career path.

Did you always know what you wanted to be when you grew up? Maybe during your studies, you've discovered that there's more to what you want to do or that your chosen field isn't quite for you. We can help you get to know yourself better and find out what type of work you're suited to. We'll give you a personal consultation, but we also run a series of workshops where you can learn how to write a CV or present yourself well.

Seminars and courses you won't find at the Faculty

We tailor our courses to your needs. Whether you're a freshman or a PhD student, there's something for everyone. We'll strengthen your learning competencies, guide you through self-development and personal growth techniques, and teach you to manage stressful situations and relax during challenging periods of study.

Celetná Study Club

Are you looking for a suitable space to prepare for your next lecture or to study quietly? From 14.11.2022, use the reopened space of the Celetná Study Club

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