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16 February 2023 – 31 December 2023

Proofreading Service of Czech Texts


Are you concerned about the Czech language in your academic text? Don't worry, and instead, be happy! Our proofreading service is back but with NEW RULES! Check it out!

16 February 2023 – 31 December 2023

Proofreading Service of English Texts


Refrain from dealing with your English academic texts anymore; try proofreading, which is back! But remember, we have NEW RULES for using the service! Check it out!

1 October 2023 – 31 October 2023

October Plant Swap!

Bring, swap and take any indoor plants in good condition anytime during UK Point's opening hours throughout October. There will be reserved space for plants in the information hall.

3 October 2023

Welcome Day for New International Degree Students 2023

You made it! Welcome to CU! Join us for this annual event to meet new friends and university staff, discover Prague from student's perspective, learn a bit about the university, and experience Czech culture in an informal setting of the student campus.

10 October 2023 – 9 November 2023

Survival Czech: Language Course for Total Beginners


Dobrý den! Are you a Ph.D. student wanting to learn the basics of the Czech language? Join our online language courses for beginners! This course will focus on introduction, shopping, eating and more.

10 October 2023

Mental Health Day at CU

The 10th of October is International Mental Health Day, in which Charles University will also participate. Come and enjoy lectures, workshops and other programs focused on mental health.

19 October 2023

What Researchers Need in an English Academic World


How is your self-confidence with your English in an academic environment? If you want to improve your language skills, join our webinar with a popular lecturer Jason Hwang.

19 October 2023

Run for it! Winter edition


Whether you're a beginner looking to start your running journey or an experienced runner seeking to improve your technique, this event has something for everyone – Czech and international students alike!

25 October 2023

Introduction to the Czech legal context for foreign students


Navigate everyday situations and avoid common pitfalls during your stay in Czechia. Topics such as liability, consumer rights, traffic regulations, and more will be covered in this essential seminar.

26 October 2023

Writing a Research Article: Effective Introduction


Once upon a time, there was a long story about a blank paper. And what about your beginnings of writing an academic text? Learn how to write your introductions properly in our workshop with a native speaker from the UK!

14 November 2023 – 14 December 2023

Survival Czech 2


Ahoj, jmenuji se…. If you are a Ph.D. student who has finished Survival Czech: Language Course for Beginners, join our second following up webinar. This course will focus on apologies, time expressions, or daily routine.

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