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Central administration of accounts and passwords

All employees, students, and other users (CU ID card holders) have an account automatically saved in the Central Authentication Service (CAS). This account is used for logging in to the central university applications (in particular, IS CU) and can also be connected to the faculty computer network so that a user has only one logon name and password for all applications and networks at Charles University.

Central Authentication Service

Wireless Wi-Fi network

Most spaces at Charles University are covered by wireless networks. The use of these networks is free of charge for all students and employees. However, for unrestricted use, logon data are needed.

Access to CU networks

There are several networks available at Charles University. Find out which networks are used for what and which networks you can have access to.

Remote access

If you often work from home or a hotel or if you are at a conference, you can access your documents or e-mail remotely and keep track of what’s going on.

Account with the JINONICE domain

All students and employees of Charles University can have a user account at the JINONICE domain that allows them to use computers connected to this domain (relating not only to certain faculties, but also to computers at the Centre for Information, Counselling, and Social Services). In association with this account, they may also use an e-mail inbox, space for storing their documents, or access to the wireless network Eduroam.

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