Within the Fit and Smart Student framework, we would like to offer Charles University students of Bachelor's and Master's study programs a wide variety of events focusing on maintaining a healthy body and mind. Our aim is to give our students the opportunity to meet fellow students from different faculties and take a little break from everyday study obligations. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events! See the events we offer on the website of CU Point, our facebook, or in our monthly Newsletter.

Upcoming events

We are currently preparing events for the Winter Semester just for you! We will announce them on this website in due time, or you can follow our CU Point newsletter.

Past events

Run for It!

This motivational running training, meant for all runners, brought together Czech and international students, led by the experienced running trainer Mgr. Pavel Šodek in the Obora Hvězda park in Prague 6.

Respect at Universities

Respect at Universities is an interactive workshop where we talk about consent, sexual harassment, and violence, mainly at universities. We will discuss what inappropriate sexual behaviour could look like, how to spot it, and how to help victims of this kind of behaviour.

Sleep Hygiene, Understanding Insomnia

Join us online as we delve into the neuropsychology of sleep and discover the reasoning behind healthy sleep recommendations. Explore ways to reassess your sleeping habits for better efficiency and gain insights into dealing with insomnia.

Academic Writing

Join our Academic Writing workshop with Mr. Hwang! Gain practical tips to excel in your essays. Share your challenges by April 15th to tailor the session to your needs.

Study Smarter, Not Harder

This workshop will be led by an experienced lecturer Klára Ten Donkelaar, who teaches us strategies to stay focused, combat procrastination, enhance memory, and excel in exams.

Self-Presentation and Client Communication Workshop

How to maintain good contact with clients while staying authentic? This workshop focuses on enhancing self-presentation skills and vital client interaction elements. Join us to deepen attentiveness, cultivate active listening, and meet client needs through theory and practice.

First Aid Course

This workshop, led by our medical faculties ambassadors, will be part of our International středa, mezinárodní Wednesday. You will gain practical knowledge and essential skills to confidently respond to a variety of emergency situations, which might come in handy when we least expect it.


This webinar of mindfulness was organized by Nevypusť duši. The participants learned many practical tips, techniques and methods, that can help to prevent some mental health issues.

Carolinum Guided Tour

This sightseeing tour through Carolinum - the historical building of Charles University in the centre of Prague - revealed to our students the story of Charles IV. who established the university.

Critical thinking

In this online workshop, organized by Faketicky, we focused on techniques helping to recognize argumentation fouls, prevent cognitive biases, and reveal various manipulative techniques.

Practical Czech Law

Hana Křenková leads a workshop on practical Czech law, covering such important topics as visa, employment, contracts, housing, rentals or using Databox for your simpler life with Czech authorities.

Culture Shock

At this event, which was especially aimed at first-year students at the UK, students learned how to cope with culture shock and integration into a new environment.

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