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Information Gap? Download CU app!

Why should you download the app?

CU Point – It is a mobile university-wise application of Charles University and is useful for applicants, students, employees, and graduates.

The current version is based on data from SIS (the Student Information System) and offers students the following:

  • detailed schedules for the current semester,

  • assessments for the entire period of study, including credits,

  • quick information about registering new assessments (grades – exams) in the form of notices.

The application also provides users with information available via CU Point. This centre prepares its own events for all groups of users and sends out notifications.

You can also use it interactively to report problems – the application uses interior navigation for this. Just describe the defect, take a photo of it, and then send it.

How will the CU Point app be used in the future?

The application is being developed further and will provide content from other university-wide systems – a module is currently being developed that will display the location of specific university workplaces (faculties, institutes, departments), including navigation.

The application will also support functions that will be offered to the faculties and other organizational units for their internal communication:

  • in the environment of the Charles University Rectorate, the application already enables interior navigation, which is currently used for reporting defects (the application allows you to take photos of non-functioning lights; the defect is assigned to a location in the building, and this information is then sent to the system, allowing repairs to be made on the defect),

  • using the “Onboarding” module, content can be made available in the mobile application, which will offer new students simply information to improve their orientation when starting their first year,

  • the module for preparing and assessing surveys allows the creation of surveys and assessments for providing very important feedback,

  • displaying meals in the canteens and food catering facilities that are operated by the CU Dormitories and Canteens.

Additional modules and functions will be implemented based on current analyses.

We hope that the CU Point mobile application will be a tool that will save you time and will comfortably provide you with all the important and useful information about Charles University.

Last change: October 4, 2021 20:25 
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