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Work-life Balance webinar aims to introduce you to effective ways of finding your own personal vision and the importance of it.

During the webinar, these points are discussed:

  • How I see myself: Why is it important? Do I do what I love to do?

  • Work-life balance tools: From the employer and for ourselves

  • My life values: What are my values, and how do I take care of them?

  • I want to be happy: Positive psychology and what really matters in my life?

  • The energy source: Where to find my sources and how to use them?

  • Useful anti-stress techniques

During the seminar, you will learn a few anti-stress techniques, identify your own life values to be able to set your life priorities.

The webinar is presented by Ing. Adéla Karlovská (a lecturer, coach, management consultant and SCRUM Master)

Click HERE to watch the recording of the webinar

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