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28 May 2024

We are looking for students to help us with testing our new app focused on resilience, well-being, and self-development. MyPwr App is currently in pilot for Charles University and we are eager to learn your honest opinion.


To enter the app, download it from the link or simply scan the QR code. After the instalation, select the "Charles University" version from the drop down. Use your university email (personalnumber@cuni.cz) to sign in and create a password. This will then give you an exclusive early-bird access to the Charles University version of the MyPwr app that is only accessible to our staff and students.

After completing the short onboarding process, you will be prompted to complete the 'Foundations' and the five lessons under the MyCourse tab. Here you will learn personal safety skills including boundary setting, awareness, de-escalation, and more.

You can then set up your information under the MyProfile tab. Remember, you do not have to put in any personal details if you choose not to. You can always use the app anonymously if you like.

On the home screen, you will also see the MyCmnty (Community) feature. This is a place where you can post your thoughts and questions and reach out to people in the community. In the future, we will have dedicated peer mentors to answer your questions and to make sure that this is a safe space for all the users. Remember, only the community members (i.e., users from the university) have access to the content.

The Bck2Bln (Back to Balance) section is where you will find some simple grounding techniques for supporting and regulating your nervous system as you move through the lessons.

Finally, there is the Explore More option. Much of this is still under development, but in the future, you will have access to all these added features and the university will be able to post any relevant information and resources in the Resource Library.

Your feedback

Thank you for trying the MyPwr App. Your feedback is important and will help us tailor the app for our particular academic community. We encourage you to fill in as much information as possible. Keep in mind that this is a pilot and some of the content and features are still under development. A lot will be changed or adjusted based on your feedback.


In the form, you'll also find the option to join the focus group. It means that once we gather all the initial feedback, we'll get back to you again. You will have the opportunity to talk to the developers and thus directly collaborate on this project.

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