Virtuální běh a Jízda pro Paraple

Virtuální běh/jízda pro Paraple vstupuje do druhého ročníku. Celý červen můžete chodit, běhat, jezdit… Kdykoli a kdekoli. Nejenže zdoláte osobní rekordy či porazíte svoji lenost, ale především pomůžete Centru Paraple.

17. května 2022

Podpůrná skupina pro ukrajinské studenty

Centrum Carolina organizuje krátkodobou podpůrnou skupinu, určenou primárně pro studenty z Ukrajiny a další studenty Univerzity Karlovy, kteří se cítí zasaženi válkou na Ukrajině.

26. dubna 2022

Dobrovolníci pro uprchlíky z Ukrajiny

Na UK vznikla iniciativa, která sdružuje poptávky a nabídky dobrovolnické práce v souvislosti s válkou na Ukrajině. Pokud se chcete stát dobrovolníkem, můžete se zapojit.

30. března 2022

Průvodce studiem se speciálními potřebami na UK

Vyšla nová brožura Průvodce studiem se speciálními potřebami na UK, která obsahuje užitečné tipy a informace o studiu.

20. března 2022

UK pro Ukrajinu / КУ для України: Допомога, позиція, підтримка

Rozcestník pro ukrajinské studenty, akademiky a zaměstnance na UK, uchazeče a přestupující studenty z Ukrajiny a pro fakulty UK. Najdete zde informace pro řešení různých situací, prohlášení a odkazy, které se týkají války na Ukrajině.

27. února 2022

Připojte se k našemu týmu


Hledáme studenta/studentku UK na dlouhodobou spolupráci. Rád komunikuješ a zvládneš to i v angličtině? Zapoj se do informačního týmu UK Pointu.

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Podmínky účasti na seminářích a workshopech

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15 November 2021 – 16 December 2021

Survival Czech: Module 2


Ahoj, jmenuji se…. If you are a Ph.D. student who has finished Survival Czech: Module 1, join our second following up webinar. This course will focus on apologies, time expressions, or daily routine.

22 November 2021 – 6 December 2021

Academic Writing in English: Focus on paragraph


Do you write essays, articles, or theses in English, but you are not sure about the specific academic style? Our three session course will help you with organizing a paragraph or developing thoughts.

1 December 2021

Christmas Party


7 December 2021

Academic Leadership


Do you know what is the difference between a leader, a manager, and a follower? Learn more about appropriate methods of leadership in a specific academic environment. Watch the video and come to the workshop!

7 December 2021

Healthy Lifestyle


Sign up for the Healthy Lifestyle webinar on Tuesday, December 7 at 3 p.m. The online session focuses on well-being of students, healthy habits, and nutrition. You will acquire healthy eating habits for vital body function, creative energy, and an active lifestyle!

8 December 2021

Charles University Day in Brussels

Do you live or work in Brussels? Did you study at Charles University or do you have a close relationship to the university? We will be delighted to see you at the meeting with Charles University representatives in Brussels.

15 December 2021

Work-life Balance

Work-life Balance is a webinar that will introduce you to effective ways to find your own personal vision and why it is so important to have it.

15 December 2021

Presentation skills and professional communication in virtual environment


Do you need to present your work, your institute, your projects, and/or your research at international conferences that take place online? Do you want your presentation to sound authentic and convincing? Do you wish to look better on camera? Would you like to keep your audience engaged even at a distance and simultaneously make an impact? This workshop will help you with the above and more.

10 January 2022 – 11 February 2021

Survival Czech: Module 3

The Czech Survival 3 may be the right course for you if:

You have completed Survival Czech 1 and 2.

You have basic knowledge of the Czech language.

You want to develop your language skills more.

27 January 2022

Carolinum Guided Tour


Are you interested in the history of the oldest university in Central Europe? All CU international employees and alumni are welcome to join us for a guided tour around Carolinum, the historical building of Charles University.

15 February 2022

Ballet Romeo and Juliet


Have you been to the theatre in Prague yet? Would you like to experience what true love is in one night? Join us for the ballet Romeo and Juliet and see the timeless story of love in the unique milieu of Prague State Opera.

21 February 2022

Immunity Webinar (Loono)


Join us for a webinar led by Loono. We will discuss how the immune system works and what it is made of. You will also learn about autoimmune diseases, vaccinations, different ways of improving your immunity and how to avoid the risk of infection. Open to Czech and international students and employees.

22 February 2022

Czech Tax System Guidelines


This seminar will make you familiar with the principles of the tax system in the Czech Republic. During the seminar you will learn about the most important Czech taxes from the perspective of an international employee and a few tips to fill in the income tax return form flawlessly (if you need to do so).

7 March 2022 – 7 April 2022

Survival Czech - Language Course for Total Beginners


Dobrý den! Are you a Ph.D. student wanting to learn the basics of the Czech language? Join our online language courses for beginners! This course will focus on introduction, shopping, eating and more.

15 March 2022

The End of Procrastination

Are you familiar with the feeling that you intend to do something, but you just never start doing it? Learn how to conquer procrastination and increase your motivation on our webinar.

17 March 2022

CV & Cover Letter


Do you want to improve your curriculum vitae and get knowledge in witting cover letters?

Join us on this seminar!

18 March 2022

National Theatre Guided Tour


Learn more about the Czech culture during the National Theatre Guided Tour! You will visit some parts of one of the most famous Prague theatre interiors. Participants will also have the opportunity to see the National Theatre backstage and perhaps tread the boards at least for a few seconds.

22 March 2022

Writing for publication 1


Do you plan to publish your scientific text in English? Come to our seminar. You will get information about the publishing process and we will focus on writing an abstract and written communication with the editor.

24 March 2022

Preventing the Burnout Syndrome


This interactive seminar will enable you to recognise stress and burnout and teach you techniques to avoid them. If you feel exhausted and experience chaos and disorientation in your life, sign in to get better.

29 March 2022

Carolinum Guided Tour 29. 3.


All international students are invited to join us for a guided tour through Carolinum, the historical building of Charles University.

30 March 2022 – 4 May 2022

German for Academic Study Abroad


Are you going to study in a German-speaking country? Do you have doubts about your vocabulary or uncoherent expression in German? Join our online course in German to get talking and leave your worries behind!

30 March 2022

Management of Science ONLINE


Management of Science webinar is available also this year! We want to offer you an online seminar that may help you understand how the system of funding scientific projects and grants works at Charles University and in the Czech Republic in general. Join in to find out more!

5 April 2022

First Aid Course


Join our workshop and learn how to act in emergency situations. The course is led by students of the Third Faculty of Medicine.

11 April 2022 – 13 May 2022

Survival Czech: Module 2


Ahoj, jmenuji se…. If you are a Ph.D. student who has finished Survival Czech: Module 1, join our second following up webinar. This course will focus on apologies, time expressions, or daily routine.

12 April 2022

Opera Rusalka


Antonín Dvořák’s Rusalka is a true gem of Czech opera, which has won over audiences worldwide. Join us for a spellbinding fairy tale and enjoy the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful theatre interiors in Prague. Do not think twice and register; the amount of tickets is limited.

20 April 2022

Carolinum Guided Tour 20. 4.


All international students are invited to join us for a guided tour through Carolinum, the historical building of Charles University.

23 April 2022 – 24 April 2022

Psychological resilience - workshop for students

Carolina Center will organize a 2-days workshop for all English speaking students. The workshop will be lead by two trained psychologist from Counselling center. We feel that the last years and months are more demanding and stressful than ever. So the workshop will be focused on psychological resilience, mental health and self-help. Everyone is welcome, to join us on the weekend of April 23 and 24.

25 April 2022

The Career in the EU Institutions and Czech Presidency

The Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU is about to start. How does it feel to be part of the event? Find out and join in a meeting and a discussion with the representatives of Czech government offices. You will also learn about the career options at the EU institutions after the presidency.

28 April 2022

Run for It 28. 4.


Do you want to start running? Or do you want to improve your running style and find motivation?

Join us on Thursday, April 28th at 4 pm in Obora Hvězda park in Prague 6 and Run for It!

10 May 2022

Training on cross-cultural communication and cooperation: with a focus on Academia


!The event has been cancelled due to low number of registered participants!

This three-hour in-person seminar focuses on cross-cultural differences at work. Join our seminar to learn how culture determines behaviour at work. You will learn how Czech managers and subordinates approach deadlines, teamwork and many other issues.

13 May 2022

Defiant Lives documentary

Defiant Lives movie is the untold story about disability rights in the United States, Britain and Australia which literally changed the world we live in.

16 May 2022 – 16 June 2022

Survival Czech: Module 3


Učím se česky. If you are a Ph.D. student who has finished the first two courses Survival Czech, or you already have basic knowledge of the Czech language, which you want to develop, join our second following up webinar. This course will focus on making plans, health, or transportation.

20 May 2022

Writing for Publication: Research Article Structure


English is the lingua franca of the global academia. If you can present your research to the world, you gain an advantage and opportunity to become more successful. For those who are not sure about their skills, we organize this course about writing academic articles in English. You will learn how to make your text flow, what to (not) tell your readers, and how to express yourself clearly.

24 May 2022

Estate Theatre Guided Tour


Have you wondered what the building next to CU Rectorate is? You have a unique opportunity to find out. We have prepared a guided tour in English around it! Come and learn fascinating stories about the artists who perfomed there including W. A. Mozart.

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