Alza benefits

Alza benefit

The new employee benefit – ALZA.CZ

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to present a new non-public employee benefit.

Through its e-shop, Alza offers more than 1,500,000 products in hundreds of categories, such as mobile phones, computers, game consoles, large and small household appliances, as well as goods for the home, workshop, garden, sport, outdoor, auto-moto, or toys, household supplies, perfume, books, food, etc.

Alza also offers a number of services, including "Do půlnoci objednáš, ráno v AlzaBoxu máš" (next-day delivery to AlzaBox pick-up points), extended warranty, return of goods within 60 days, the 1/3 offer, and various types of insurance, as well as the installation of built-in appliances, custom PC assembly, Alza NEO,etc.

What exactly does the Alza Benefit programme offer?

- lower prices – better prices for products in all categories

- for some products, additional quantity discounts

- opportunity to try out the service with free delivery to pick-up points AlzaPlus + for 3 months for 1 CZK (then 299 CZK/year)

- exclusive offers and competitions for Alza Benefit members only

And now for one thing that's no less important: the benefit and access to it are private,

so please do not share or disclose your activation code or the activation process.

Violation of this condition and disclosure of an activation code will lead to its cancellation.

The number of code redemptions is set according to the number of employees.

How to activate the programme:

- go to

- log in to your personal standard account or register as a new customer

- after logging in to request the activation of Alza Benefit by entering and confirming the activation code

- confirmation of successful activation of Alza Benefit is sent to your e-mail and after a few minutes, you can buy at Benefit prices

- don't forget to also try out free delivery to pick-up points with a discounted purchase from AlzaPlus+ for 3 months for 1 CZK

We understand that everyone will be interested in the Benefit price and discount,

and according to Alza's representatives, we can buy most products at reduced prices,

but not all products always have a significant discount.

You can pick up goods purchased from Alza through its wide network of more than 20,000 pick-up points.

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