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Writing a Research Article: Applying for a Funding Project

Are you a Ph.D. student junior or an advanced researcher still fighting with the English academic texts? Do not worry, and keep writing! We offer you a cycle of four workshops, especially aiming at one of the researcher's burdens. The first three seminars focus on specific parts of an English academic text, while the last is about applying for a funding project.

  1. Writing a Research Article: Effective Introduction

  2. Writing a Research Article: Abstract

  3. Writing a Research Article: Discussion Section and Literature Review

  4. Writing a Research Article: Applying for a Funding Project

All of the workshops could be participated separately.


Through analysis of sample texts, you will become familiar with the expected structure and content of sections of research papers or dissertations. You will also be shown important principles affecting language and style and subsequently do exercises to put these principles into practice.


In this practical workshop, you will study the elements and language choices in sample grant application letters. While requirements vary depending on the specific grant being applied for, certain characteristics of a successful application may be identified. You will learn how to make your project stand out, how to highlight its uniqueness and how to convince a review committee that you are qualified to execute the project.


Monday, 11th December, 14.00 - 17.00

Kampus Hybernská (Hybernská 998/4), building D, floor 2


Eleanor Lurring, MA in Applied Linguistics, MBA, RSA Dip TESOL

I am a native speaker of English from the UK. With over thirty years of experience teaching high-level English, I now focus on helping writers produce academic texts for publication. I proofread and edit academic texts such as research articles, Ph.D. dissertations, conference papers, motivation letters, and grant applications. I work with doctoral and post-doctoral researchers in various branches of science, education, engineering, humanities, and economics. This may be consultancy work if the structure and content of a text need attention; or it may be proofreading for accuracy and reader-friendly style.


Ph.D. candidates


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Event start 11 December 2023
Event end 11 December 2023
Organiser CU POINT, Mgr. Petra Kučerová Konupková
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Venue Kampus Hybernská
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