Doctoral Study Hub

CU Point has been providing seminars, workshops and counselling services, especially for doctoral and post-doctoral students at Charles University since 2013. Currently, these activities have been organised under the Doctoral Study Hub. Admission to the events and services is free for the students and employees of CU.

Doctoral Study Hub offers courses of transferable competencies helping doctoral and post-doctoral students at the beginning of their scientific careers and provide them with information support in fulfilling the topic of theses. Various university centres cooperate within the DSH: CU Point, Doctoral Studies Office and Department of Science and Research at the rector's office, Charles University Central Library, Centre for Lifelong Learning, Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer, and others.

Educational Events

Topic Categories:

social and psychological competence

presentation and lecturing competence

management competence

support of science and research

project management

IT courses

law and administration

career competence

language courses

You can see the list of workshops and lectures organized at CU Point in the current academic year here. We keep the list up to date. You can enter the registration form in Educational Portal by clicking on the name of an event. The Educational Portal is a platform serving not only for registration and cancellation from the courses but also as a database of all events for Ph.D. students, postdocs and employees of Charles University organized by all providers mentioned above.

A Simple Guide on How to Get to Educational Portal

Click on the "Vzdělávací portál". Enter your username and password (the data you provide in CAS or SIS).

Then you will be redirected to CAS and enter your login details as usual.

You can register for any courses found in the Educational Portal when you click on them for more details. If you are interested in the course no more, please, cancel your registration to vacate your place to the other applicants. To do it:

  1. Click on your name at the upper right corner of the Educational Portal (when you are already logged in).

  2. Click on "User application". You can see there your course registration.

  3. Click on the number of a course you would like to cancel.

  4. Click on the button "Cancel" at the bottom of the webpage.

You can cancel your registration only sooner than the registration deadline expires (the deadline is usually a day before the course begins).

ATTENTION! If you don't attend at least three courses without cancellation of your registrations or any apology, the system of Educational Portal puts your name on a blacklist. It means you will not be allowed to register for any course for the next half year. This measure was taken to avoid unethical occupancy of courses, which could be attended by other applicants.

New Course Topics

If you have tips on inspiring course topics or you just would like to leave a comment on our courses, do not hesitate to write an e-mail. You can use the following e-mail address: . I am looking forward to your feedback!

Counselling Services

We offer several types of counselling in English, free of charge for all CU students and employees. The counselling services are also available to all Ph.D. students.

Counselling services

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