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16 February 2023

Proofreading Service of Czech Texts

Proofreading of Academic Texts in Czech is a service for Ph.D. students who need help correcting and editing their academic texts. If you are unsure about grammar, style and spelling in your Czech texts, try our service. Be aware that this is not a regular course but a service for individuals!

Proofreading means a final checking of texts before their finish. It is a language editing (style, spelling, punctuation) but does not cover checking the text content. We provide this service to all PhD students for free with a maximum of 30 standard pages of their academic texts. These texts must be related to your academic field within your PhD study (e.g. scientific article, theses, dissertation). The required language level of Czech is at least B2. Do not send texts translated by mechanical translators!

How the service works - UPDATE!

Far away with the Vzdělávací portál or please use it for the whole communication about proofreading!

1. Register at the time you are ready to send your text to a proofreader (e.g. do not make any registration in March if you finish your text in April or you are unsure about the finishing at all). We have many interested students in the service, so we find the applications not following the rules invalid and consider it a "course absence" (for the defined amount of absence, you are not allowed to participate in CU POINT events for the following semester. We take this strict measures to offer our service to students who are really interested, but they wouldn't register because of the invalid registrations and the limited capacity.).

2. During the registration, upload your text for proofreading and write a note about the number of its standard pages (the standard page differs from a usual page full of text, see below), the deadline for finishing the proofreading, you wish about (un)correcting citations, citation style and the way of proofreading - modification straight in the text without comments or with monitoring of changes. If you are not finished with your text yet, leave a message in the application.

3. After registering for the service in the Educational Portal, wait for the confirmation message from a proofreader that she is working on your text. The whole communication is online via e-mail or Vzdělávací portál, depending on further circumstances.

4. If you are already registered for the service but have changed your mind, please cancel your registration to make a vacancy for another student.

The service is limited to 30 standard pages. If your text is longer than 30 standard pages, please, create a new registration for another term (concerning your colleagues on a waiting list). In case you need proofreading for another of your text, please, do not circumvent the Educational Portal and make a new registration. Without it, we cannot pay for the service for you.

Be aware the standard page differs from the usual page. It contains 1.800 characters, including spaces for a page. Please, modify your texts according to this norm.

The service is available for the whole year.


Ph.D. students


Vzdělávací portál (Educational Portal)


Mgr. Petra Kučerová Konupková,

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