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But What About Covering My Content? / Content Monster

Many of the most effective teaching practices involve spending some, or even most, of our time together in class having students answer questions, solve problems, and otherwise engage with our content. How can we spend time on these types of practices, yet also have enough time to “cover” all of the content that the students need to learn? I have good news for you in this workshop, which will help you banish the content monster from your classroom, while still allowing your students to learn more content (and truly understand it better) than they did before.

Speaker: Sarah M. Leupen, Ph.D.

Začátek akce 5. dubna 2017 v 16:00
Konec akce 5. dubna 2017 v 18:00
Organizátor Centrum CŽV
Email na organizátora kristyna.bilakova@ruk.cuni.cz
Místo konání akce Modrá posluchárna 2. patro, č. dv. 140, Celetná 20, Praha 1
Rezervace http://ipc1.cuni.cz/reg/index.php?event=460
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