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Women Scholars Here and There; Then and Now: Exploring the Situation of International Women Scholars at CU in Historical and Intersectional Perspectives

The concluding event of the worldwide UN campaign "Orange the World," also known as "16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence," will be conducted in an international spirit. We have invited international scholars from Charles University to share their experiences regarding the status and equality of women in their respective countries of origin and the Czech Republic. Our discussion will delve into the historical evolution of the roles of women scholars in different countries, as well as explore various aspects related to this issue. This gathering follows the first event of its kind at Charles University, held this spring on International Women's Day. The discussion will be moderated by doc. Věra Sokolová, M.A., Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at CU. The entire evening will be conducted in the English language.

Please register here.

Začátek akce 8. prosince 2023 v 17:00
Konec akce 8. prosince 2023 v 20:00
Místo konání akce Kampus Hybernská, building A, 3rd floor
Rezervace https://registrace.cuni.cz/RegisterEvent/b58032f8-0a66-4b73-b3c3-52e2d59b68ff

Poslední změna: 18. květen 2021 23:48 
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