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Groups in English

Summer semester 2023

Weekly Open support meeting(s) for English-speaking students at Charles University


Monday from 18:00 to 19:30


Školská 13a, Prague 1

How often:

Every week


From the 27th of February to the 8th of May

Participating in a meeting allows you to be with people with similar feelings, worries, and everyday problems and likely to understand one another. Traditionally, our meetings are a space to get to know other students from different faculties, countries, and cultures.

Meetings are open for anyone who needs support and also those who are eager to support others in the stressful times we all study and live in. Feel free to come in on and meet new people.

We also welcome Czech and Slovak students who can speak English.

What's worth noting?

May I come without any registration or so? Yes, indeed.

May I come multiple times? Yes, indeed.

May I bring a friend with me? Yes, indeed.

Meetings are modeled on encounter groups, but they are not therapeutic meetings.

Everyone is welcome, not only students with physical or emotional problems.

Meetings are facilitated by a coach Mgr. Jakub Fiala and a psychologist Mgr. Pavla Čípková and occasionally accompanied by guest colleagues from Carolina Centre.

If you have any questions, write us at: counsel@ruk.cuni.cz

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Organizátor Counselling Office of the Carolina Centre
Webové stránky https://centrumcarolina.cuni.cz/CCENG-174.html

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