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Immunity Webinar (Loono)

Join us for a webinar led by Loono on Monday, February 21, 2022. We will discuss how the immune system works and what is it made of. You will learn different ways of improving your immunity and avoiding the risk of infection. Then, we will move on to autoimmune diseases and vaccinations. At the end of the workshop, we will go through F.A.Q. connected with immunity.

The webinar is free of charge, registration is required.

Open to Czech and international students and employees.

WHEN: Monday, February 21, 2022 (16:00 - 17:00)

WHERE: Online (ZOOM) - the link will be sent to all registered participants in advance


More information

Začátek akce 21. února 2022 v 16:00
Konec akce 21. února 2022 v 17:00
Druh akce Kurzy, workshopy, semináře
Organizátor Mgr. Marie Salovaara
Email na organizátora info@cuni.cz
Telefon na organizátora +420 224 491 451
Místo konání akce Online (Zoom)
Rezervace https://rezervace.cuni.cz/RegisterEvent/2e79a260-9534-4e96-a631-67b6812250c9

Poslední změna: 18. květen 2021 23:48 
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