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How to Stop Procrastinating

How to stop postponing and start living your life to the fullest

Procrastination can be a thorn in our sides, but with the right tools and methods, we can overcome it. Studies have shown that having a personal vision which helps you increase your self-discipline figures at the core of fighting procrastination. Our sessions on this topic provide you with the tools to develop just such a vision.

We also give you practical tools which can help you build up positive new habits and get rid of negative ones, organize your time more effectively, and find long-term motivation. You will discover how to deal with stress, become more focused, and manage your days. Above all, you‘ll find out how to be more objective and heuristic so that you can become more satisfied in your life over the long-term.


Adéla Schicker

Trainer of Fortune 500 companies, Founder of Procrastination.com and co-author of The End of Procrastination book. She trains companies and teams around the world, helping them to master skills through science-based know-how and practical tools that have an immediate impact on their performance and happiness. As a company growth consultant, and keynote speaker she has lived and worked in the past 19 years in 11 different countries across 4 continents. Experience from diverse working environments and knowledge based on behavioral economics and psychology has given her a keen eye for people's talents as well as for the understanding of what today's fast-paced business environment requires.

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Podtitul How to stop postponing and start living your life to the fullest
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