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12. května 2021

International Cooperation in Science: The United Kingdom Experience

This lecture will focus on various aspects of international cooperation in science and innovation, reflecting 25 years of the speaker's personal experience in the field, both as a PhD student, postdoctoral research fellow and science attaché at the British Embassy. It also brings actual information about science collaboration after Brexit. International cooperation means different things for different stakeholders, some work at multinational and national levels, others deal with it at the level of their own institutions, and for others, it is an individual research collaboration, which is the most important. This talk will take you through these levels, and practical examples from the United Kingdom together with an opportunity for discussion will hopefully show how important international science collaboration is and what benefits it brings to us all.

The online lecture is taking place on 12th May from 1pm to 3pm via ZOOM platform.

The lecturer is Ing. Otakar Fojt Ph.D.

He is an experienced science diplomat based at the British Embassy in Prague and a member of the Science and Innovation Network of the UK Government - a group of 110 science diplomats working at the British Embassies in 42 countries across the globe. He has been advising on international research and innovation collaborations since 2003, when he took up the newly created post in Prague and developed it to its current, well-performing state. In that time, he actively delivered science diplomacy while the Czech Republic was joining the EU, via multitude of bilateral and multilateral diplomatic themes, to the UK leaving the EU in 2020. Currently, he engages to strengthen future post-Brexit CZ-UK science relationships.

Otakar has organized and participated at many international conferences covering various science and science policy areas from innovation, technology transfer, intellectual property rights, biomedical research, biodiversity and European Horizon programmes to open access publication policies, trusted research, covid-19 pandemic response and science communication.

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