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15 August 2022

Peer-Mentoring for everyone!

We are now offering a peer-mentoring program for people from different scientific fields and various academic stages, including bachelor and master students, PhD, postdocs and group leaders.

What is peer-mentoring, and what is the point of it?

Most of us, independently of our study/career stage, would probably appreciate having someone to talk to and get advice from regularly, to deal with obstacles on our way to succeed in studying/career. In some cases, we may also feel that we lack encouragement or support to make some decisions. Participating in a peer-mentoring program enable us to develop strategies and skills for dealing with both personal and academic issues, to be more empowered to set our goals, and to learn from the experience of others. Furthermore, we will improve our communication and leadership skills as Mentors, increasing our confidence and motivation. As a participant, you can sign up to either become a mentor, mentee or both.

Talking and getting advice is often easier if we can relate to this person and at the same time if he/she has more experience than we do. Our peer-mentoring program will facilitate the matching of mentees and mentors that are close in age and experience (matching PhD students with postdocs, for example).

To ensure the mentoring experience is fruitful to everyone, we are not simply matching people. We also provide four sessions of formal training on active listening, giving feedback and goal setting, skills that are directly reusable in our scientific life. These four sessions have a duration of two hours each and we will spread them across the semester.


You are a student and want to be a mentor/mentee? Sign up officially via SIS and get one credit point for the course Peer-Mentoring Program – MB120C52.

You are a postdoc or PI and want to be a mentor/mentee? Sign up here.


In case of questions, please reach out:

Looking forward to you are Nélida, Clément, Roswitha and Martha.

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