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Survival Czech - follow up

Language online course for Ph.D. students.

Start: 4th May; end: 3rd June / ten 90 mins sessions

Frequency: 2 x 90 mins per week

Days: Tuesdays - Thursdays

Time: Exact time will be decided during the first week of the course. When the number of applicants will exceed the determined limit, there is a possibility to organize two parallel courses.

The first session on 4th May is taking place at 14:30.

Course description:

This course builds on and extends the areas covered in Survival Czech – Introduction.

Course syllabus:

1. Introductions, review

2. Apologies using modal verbs

3. Talking about daily routines with focus on present tense conjugations

4. Talking about what happened using the past tense

5. Final project

The course targets communication situations that the students need to deal with in every-day life, introducing essential grammatical concepts and vocabulary relating to the language functions, such as apologizing (modal verbs, days of the week), describing daily routine and obligations, talking about the past (past tense, frequent verbs) etc. Students also gain more sociocultural competence to deal with every-day life in the Czech Republic.


By the end of the course, students should be able make an apology, express obligations, talk about their life in Prague, including their routines, and talk about what happened.

The classes are taught in communication approach, emphasizing the competence to deal with communication situation.

The syllabus will be adjusted to the needs of the group.

Lessons will be held on-line (Zoom).

Course material: Čeština expres 1

Začátek akce 4. května 2021
Konec akce 3. června 2021
Organizátor UK Point
Email na organizátora silvie.nedvedova@ruk.cuni.cz
Webové stránky https://ukpoint.cuni.cz/IPSC-506.html
Místo konání akce Online
Rezervace http://ipc1.cuni.cz/reg/?event=10509
Vstupné No
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