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Survival Czech - language course

The course is for PhD students (or employees) of Charles University.

There is no course fee, you will pay only for your textbook.

Timing: eight 90 min sessions between November 24th – December 17th; 2 x 90 mins per week

Tuesday and Thursday, 14.30 - 16.00

Course description:

This course introduces basic communication skills in Czech in the following areas:

1. Greetings, being polite, apologizing,

2. Asking for and giving simple directions,

3. Food and drinks, eating out, grocery shopping,

4. Telling time, making simple arrangements.

The course introduces essential grammatical concepts relating to the language functions, such as verb conjugations in present tense, noun gender and declension. Students also acquire basic knowledge about Czech culture.


By the end of the course, students should be able to share basic personal information, navigate through town and ask for directions, navigate through supermarket, order and pay for a meal at a restaurant, tell time and make a simple arrangement in Czech.

Lessons will be held on-line (Zoom).

Course material: Čeština expres e-book

E-books will be ordered by UK Point, because of lower price for a bulk order.

Začátek akce 24. listopadu 2020
Konec akce 18. prosince 2020
Podtitul Language course
Druh akce Kurzy, workshopy, semináře
Organizátor UK Point - Mgr. Silvie Nedvědová
Email na organizátora silvie.nedvedova@ruk.cuni.cz
Telefon na organizátora +420 778 420 553
Místo konání akce ZOOM
Cílová skupina Akademická obec
Rezervace http://ipc1.cuni.cz/reg/?event=10459
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